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Cuiqu Coffee

Our Story 品牌故事


Brand Origin 品牌源起

Business Concept 經營理念 Business Concept 經營理念

Business Concept 經營理念

【實踐第三波咖啡市場 Achieve Third Wave Coffee Market】

The coffee industry has a long history. From the first wave, instant coffee, when the time that quantity is more important than quality, to the second wave, the heyday of espresso. And now, here comes the third, specialty coffee. The third wave coffee is a movement to produce high quality coffee, from coffee plant growing, harvesting and processing, to the growers, traders and roasters, express the regional taste with various points of view. Apart from the second wave, emphasized only the taste of dark roast. The third considers coffee as artisanal foodstuff, like wine. Roast coffee beans in all levels, cinnamon, full, dark, and etc. And with pour over method, bring out the taste of sour, sweet, and bitter, to show the purest taste of every stage.

承接第三波精品咖啡的熱潮,在亞洲地區正要起步的時期,奎克咖啡致力於將咖啡市場精品化,除了提供良好的環境外,設備上採用頂級La Marzocco咖啡機,並引進acaia電子秤,由專業咖啡師精準計算每一杯咖啡沖煮的時間與克數,將所有手沖咖啡標準化,使品質提升至最高標準。

When the third wave coffee hit Asia, and began to bring up the heat, we focused on raising the quality of coffee market. Not only by providing a cozy atmosphere, but also by using high class equipments to make our coffee. Barista accurately measured the cooking time and ratio of every cup of coffee. We standardized all the dripping and brewing procedure, so that we could provide the best quality coffee.

【創造美好的消費價值 Create Wonderful Consumer Experience】

Quality and efficiency are our most important business concept. In the modern society, life is always filled with learning, working and all kinds of trivia. Sometimes it's just hard to pause a bit, take a bite of a nice meal, or even catch your breath. We understand the desire and need. Cuiqu Coffee provides healthy meals efficiently, and gives good consumer experiences with taste. Observe trends and make improvements in ingredients, techniques and services, and develop everything to a high standard.

Cuiqu Coffee Cuiqu Coffee

Brand Culture 品牌文化


Cuiqu Coffee innovates with the trends. We listen to our customers, gather opinions by social media, and make adjustments. For our employees, we have a well-constructed training system, updating the latest professional knowledge and information to enhance the market competitiveness. We create a happy place for those who have a dream and would like to fulfill it with us.